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If you can use a bow and arrow, you are automatically cool. B)

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literally the majority of my blog is me screaming about steve rogers idk what you were looking for but if that was it you have come to the right place
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NSFW, self-harm

actually you might find mild nsfw it depends on my mood oops.

i tag spoilers if i don't please tell me i don't want to ruin anything for you (every spoiler is tagged as spoiler or spoilers)

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I'm very shy, but i never ignore a message ♥

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I get so excited when people take the initiative to talk to me, and I promise I'm not completely insane. What I'm tryina say here is cOME YELL AT ME ABOUT COMICS COME YELL AT ME ABOUT MOVIES OR ACTORS OR GAMES OR LITERALLY ANYTHING I WILL YELL AND CRY WITH YOU I AM AN EXCITED PUPPY WHEN IT COMES TO YELLING ABOUT THINGS I LOVE OK

Thanks, Phil, for this bangin' updates tab.


Halloween costume idea: dress up as your URL


Michael Fassbender falling into a fountain on the DOFP gag reel


Michael Fassbender falling into a fountain on the DOFP gag reel

played: 477,508 times


i wont title this or put album art

but because you are emo trash you will recognize it


Make Me Choose || Anonymous asked: Asgard or Midgard

Deadpool #35

Deadpool #35

If I unfollow you it’s bc I follow you on my other blog soRRY MY PHONE IS JACKING W MY ACCOUNTS


chris evans in “PUSH(2009)”

Sooner or later, they will meet the twins…


this is going to hurt; all-new x-men #32

Every star is a sun as big, as bright, as our own. Just imagine, how far away from us you’d have to move the sun to make it appear as small and faint as a star. The light from the stars travels very fast. Faster than anything. But not infinitely fast. It takes time for their light to reach us. For the nearest ones, it takes years. For others, centuries. Some stars are so far away it takes eons for their light to get to Earth.

By the time the light from some stars gets here they are already dead. For those stars, we see only their ghosts. We see their light, but their bodies perished long, long ago.

- Episode 5: A Sky Full Of Ghosts, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey


here we go: ‘kickass bounty hunter’ america and ‘rebel princess’ kate! (there’re also four more parts to mismarvell’s incredible, life-changing AU that you can read here. the world is a magical place kids don’t let anyone tell you different.)