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Kate Bishop is a babe.

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literally the majority of my blog is me screaming about steve rogers idk what you were looking for but if that was it you have come to the right place
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NSFW, self-harm

actually you might find mild nsfw it depends on my mood oops.

i tag spoilers if i don't please tell me i don't want to ruin anything for you (every spoiler is tagged as spoiler or spoilers)

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I'm very shy, but i never ignore a message♥

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I get so excited when people take the initiative to talk to me, and I promise I'm not completely insane. What I'm tryina say here is cOME YELL AT ME ABOUT COMICS COME YELL AT ME ABOUT MOVIES OR ACTORS OR GAMES OR LITERALLY ANYTHING I WILL YELL AND CRY WITH YOU I AM AN EXCITED PUPPY WHEN IT COMES TO YELLING ABOUT THINGS I LOVE OK

Thanks, Phil, for this bangin' updates tab.


leave me alone i am a senior citizen

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Marvel Comics Meme → [07/10 Characters]

Remy LeBeau/Gambit

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no mom it’s not a phase

it’s a phaser

sorry mom gotta go the enterprise is waiting

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Those Badoon killed my mother and tried to kill me. And my ass of a father didn’t do a damn thing about it.

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"He pulls the trigger - "
"And Mother goes away."
"He can’t die.  This story has a happier ending than that."

"He pulls the trigger - "

"And Mother goes away."

"He can’t die.  This story has a happier ending than that."

"I’m pretty sure the answer to that is ‘I am Groot.’"

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Playing a Bethesda game like


#ac #games


I thought I was done being angry about comics I’ll never stop being angry about comics I’ll be an old woman surrounded by my 57 dogs and I’ll be like “age of ultron. what a shitty event. I can’t believe they used that for the avengers sequel” and then I’ll die

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Deadpool’s love for Peter is so precious like he honestly just likes everything about Peter and is super happy just to hang out and be around him

“We called it… the traveler. And its arrival changed us forever. Great cities were built on Mars and Venus. Mercury became a garden world. Human life span tripled. It was a time of miracles. We stared out at the galaxy and knew that it was our destiny to walk in the light of other stars. But the traveler had an enemy. A darkness which had hunted it for eons through the dark tracts of space… this darkness found us and that was the end of everything.”

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Bucky Barnes appreciaton post

Bucky Barnes appreciaton post

favorite movies⎥ get to know me meme⎥x-men: first class [2/5]

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